Lead Distribution & Lead Buyer Management Features

Lead Capture

  • Call Centers

  • Call Center Integration - Integrate Five9 call center software with your inbound or outbound call scripts for a seamless connection from your call center to your lead distribution software.

    Call Center Intake Scripts - We specialize in developing and hosting simple to complex call intake scripts. Enjoy the freedom to make changes to your intake script whenever you choose.

    Call Tracking - Use RingRevenue, CallPixels or LogMyCalls to track inbound pay-per-call leads.

    Call Recordings - We can store your call recordings in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and match those recording directly to your leads.

  • Direct Post

  • Post Leads - Post leads from any source via GET or POST.

    Posting Documents - Control fields and data requirements and create simple posting documents quickly.

  • Lead Forms

  • Lead Forms - Design your own form, or have us design a form for you, that you can use to post leads into Leads2Me.

    IFRAME Forms - We can host your forms that are added to your website(s) with an html iframe. This is a great solution for companies with limited technical bandwidth.

Lead Distribution

  • Qualify Leads

  • Field Validation - Correct data as it gets entered into your lead form.

    Scrub Rules - Set conditions for which leads are not qualified.

    Duplicate Checking - Check for duplicate leads by email, phone or name.

    Data Validation - Use 3rd party data tools, like LeadSpend or StrikeIron, to validate email addresses, phone numbers and zip codes.

    Data Enhancement - Use 3rd party data tools, like RapLeaf, to add extra data to your leads.

  • Distribute Leads

  • Cherry Pick - Manually assign leads that meet certain criteria to maximize revenue and profit.

    Round Robin - Distribute leads by round robin to an unlimited number of lead buyers.

    Quota Routing - Set monthly quota for lead buyers and distribute leads to maximize the percent of quotas filled.

  • Lead Reporting

  • Reporting Data - Slice and dice your data by source, campaign, product, location or buyer over a common or custom time-frame.

    Excel Export - All reports export easily to Excel with just one click.

    Custom Reports - We can assist with any custom data requirements that you have.

Lead Management

  • Management Tools

  • Email & Templates - Send every new lead an automatic Welcome Message. Create an email template with merge fields for commonly used communications.

    Welcome SMS Message - Send an automatic SMS (text message) to new leads. Improve the conversion rate of hard-to-reach leads.

    Custom Statuses - Easily implement existing back-office processes with custom status tags.

    PayPal Invoicing - Issue leads an invoice via PayPal. Payments are routed directly to your lead buyers.

Lead Buyer Networks

  • Branded Experience

  • Your Logo - Display your logo at the top of every page.

    Your Email Address - Leads are sent from the email address of your choice. Email deliverability powered by SendGrid.

  • Feedback Loops

  • Lead Contact Time - Automatically track how quickly your lead buyers are contacting the leads that you sell to them.

    Network Rankings - Automatically track if your lead buyers are using their lead management tools to service their leads.

Custom Services

  • Custom Development

  • Custom Integrations - We have a growing list of integrations and would be happy to assist with any others. Existing implementations include: HasOffers, RingRevenue, CallPixels, Dial800, SalesForce, ZohoCRM, etc.

    Custom Tools - We excel at providing customized software and can assist you with nearly any custom request.

    Custom Tasks - Need a custom report, a nightly data dump, a feed to a media partner? No problem.

  • Integration

  • CRM - Using SalesForce, ZohoCRM or another CRM system? We can push, pull and update data from your CRM system to your lead management account.

    Case Management - Lawyers, we can push converted leads into the case management system of your choice.

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